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ECO Services is one call away to eradicate your pest issues or provide you a wholesome experience of on-spot cleaning of upholstery and carpets. ECO Services deals with a diverse clientele ranging from residential to corporate and industrial sector. The maintenance of corporate and industrial sector is based on Integrated Pest Management. ECO Services offers a unique combination of updated technology, machinery and workforce throughout Pakistan. Our offices are located in Karachi and Lahore.

Our clients of cleaning services, pest control fumigation services in Karachi and Lahore are satisfied based on an efficient response and feedback mechanism. We provide attentive customer care to all our clients from residential and corporate sector. ECO Services deploys an extensive research-based IPM program at industrial units; where knowledge and workforce efficiency provides an edge to our clients.

In today’s modern mechanisms, knowledge-based mechanisms are crucial in implementing pest control and cleaning services. There is technology and machinery that is more sophisticated, while a more complex situation of new pests, pollution and environment deterioration. Thus, ECO Services maintains an evolving process of updated pest control mechanisms and cleaning techniques. Our contractual clients are facilitated with an efficient reporting and action strategy.

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