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ECO Services specializes to provide you good riddance from major pest problems at your home or workplace. A diverse clientele in Karachi and Lahore benefit from ECO Services’ protective plan against cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, rodents, flies and insects etc. Learn about each service’s implementation to be our more satisfied client.


ECO Services has marked its presence ranging from indoor upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning to outdoor water tank cleaning and maintenance of external building façade. Be it a one-time service or a contractual client, ECO Services enters in a committed cycle to maintain your hygiene quality.


ECO Services is a professional industrial associate for implementing Integrated Pest Management at Industrial Processing Units all over Pakistan. ECO Services specializes to implement IPM at food processing zones, manufacturing and packaging units and pharmaceutical plants. Our IPM implementation has become an essential requirement by our clients for their successful audits and maintenance of brand quality.

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WHY ECO Services?

Competitive Prices

ECO Services has proven to be a reliable partner for its clients, therefore they find the pricing reasonable and justifiable to the standards of service.

Customer Care

Customer Satisfaction Plan is one of the strengths of ECO Services. Our clients remain care-free with the reliable warranty policies and guaranteed service results.

Contractual Services

ECO Services maintains long-term contractual projects of cleaning, pest control and Integrated Pest Management with the corporate and industrial sector. Our clients avail a customized cycle of services regulated by a thorough reporting and feedback mechanism.

Reliable Workforce

Our Service team is equipped with a fine set of skills and knowledge for implementing pest control and cleaning services. The workers are professionally trained to utilize the resources with best time management and personal conduct. They are completely aware of the products, services and clients’ needs.


ECO Services is a team of professionals bringing together the expertise of pest control and cleaning services for residential, corporate, and industrial sector. ECO Services stands out on the basis of its innovative and integrated approach for a diverse clientele in Karachi and Lahore. Our workforce is one to be counted on.

Our Pest Control Team Offer General Fumigation, Rat Control, Bed Bugs Control, Cockroaches Control, Flying Insects Control Termite Control in Lahore & Karachi.
Our Cleaning Services Team Offer: Carpet Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Blinds Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning, Glass Cleaning in Lahore & Karachi.

Meet The ECO Services...

Our Goal Is to Make Our Customers’ Lives Better...

ECO Services, an ISO 9001:2008 recognized organization, is the new and innovative generation of solution provider for pest control fumigation services, cleaning services & other pest control issues, fulfilling the needs of hygiene maintenance and image branding of the rapidly growing corporate and industrial sector. A wide range of residential units are also facilitated by us. The workforce of ECO Services specializes in particular fumigation services and cleaning requirements by industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Banks, Multinationals, Restaurants and Hotels, Food Factories, Packaging Companies and Mills, Manufacturing units, cold storage areas, public spaces like Cinemas and Shopping malls, along with a wide range of commercial units. ECO Services use state of the art equipment and method to cover all kinds and sizes of business units, we use approved and certified chemicals to ensure the quality and safety at the same time. Professional application and certified chemicals can reduce the infestation and increase control over pest and diseases. Our prime focus is to provide safe & effective general fumigation, termite control, rats control and all other pesticides issues. We ensure all safety measure before service and work according to SOP, we have expertise to apply all professional and effective methods for successful pest management.

ECO Services partners the imaging and branding of a wide range of its corporate clients through maintaining the most hygienic and attractive environment at their work places. Our pest control and cleaning services are also well utilized by residential consumers. A proud member of National Pest Management Association (NPMA), ECO Services has an established recognition for its services among a diverse clientele.

ECO Services partners with its clients in an ongoing decision making process. Beginning from clients’ inquiry (long term contract or rush job), our pre-service consultancy devises a strategy based on long term solutions for pest activity, infestation and general cleaning. The clients are suggested with authentic, safe and internationally acclaimed chemicals for application on their site. According to the requirement, a team of well-equipped workers is assigned for the task; both the equipment and workers are aligned on strict safety methods. ECO Services’ job does not end here; we take complete charge of post-service evaluation and monitoring of the site and diligently attend any complaints. Our services are under warranty..

To be the service provider of choice by understanding the needs of our valuable clients and meet their expectations in terms of time, cost and quality.


I must say my sofa was dirty and i was planning to change it and i didnt know that sofas can professionally be cleaned, it get cleaned at my doorstep without any hassle and cleaning result is just fablous.

Mrs Zubair

Thanks everyone went with ECO SERVICES and definitely happy, great job, came with the hour of calling him and a lot cheaper than short highly recommended for anyone else in need, does all sorts of cleaning not just carpets....

Rana Adeel

ECO Services has been fumigating my house and business for the last 18 months. They are by far the best cleaner i have had, in my 40 years of business. From punctuality, professionalism, reliability and competitive prices I would be happy to recommend ECO Services to anyone who requires a pest control service.


"I have been utlising ECO Services for the past year and a half. I cannot speak more highly of their services, quality, integrity and reasonable prices. They have completed work at my house, office and on construction sites. I am more comfortable in providing this testimonial. Furthermore if someone wishes to gain contact with me to provide a personal account I am happy to discuss ECO Service with them"

Furqan Akram

The cleaners were consistently punctual and did a great job. I can confidently say their services are very satisfactory.


I've used ECO Services 4 times so far. I held off on giving feedback before I was sure of the quality of the service. ECO Services have a really great skills

Arfan Rana

My Carpet Looks like new.


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