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Certified Fumigation Services Provider

ECO Services is one of the recognized Fumigation Services in Karachi. Best Fumigation Practices involve a preventive approach and eradication approach. As part of preventive approach, our technician sprays pesticides to kill developing insects like cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, mosquitoes etc. But in the second case of pest infestation, there will be a requirement to treat each pest with effective medicines according to their life style and life cycle.


Environment in Karachi is polluted: there is dust, dirty drains, and lack of knowledge about sanitation. In this scenario regular fumigation keeps you protected from any kind of general pest spread, especially cockroaches, spiders, lizards etc.


Fumigation is the requirement of all facilities like offices, homes, warehouse, industries, restaurants etc. Pest Control spray keeps your area protected from unwanted pests. These pests spread quickly and become harmful, they come from dirty areas like drains and garbage deposits and contain germs and bacteria, which eventually cause sickness and diseases like asthma, allergies, malaria, dengue and gastro infections.

Firstly, there should be a clarity that pesticides are poison with hazardous impact on human health and environment and should be spread as minimum as possible. (Therefore, extensive chemical usage only shows lack of knowledge)
Secondly, you should verify if the pesticide brand is certified from a recognized body like WHO or Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or similar body


Karachi is one of the largest city, facilitating the population with the largest variety of food facilities, shops of consumable items and health care items, pharmaceuticals etc. As per our professional estimation, all such facilities must utilize fumigation treatment at the interval of 90 days or lesser in areas more attractive for pests.
There is more caution required where consumable products are placed or produced as minor pest load can be harmful in terms of causing contamination.
Therefore, worldwide there is Integrated Pest Management based on safe monitoring control methods to manage pest load in consumer product facilities. ECO Services is strategically leading Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Services in Karachi, Lahore and all major cities of Pakistan.

Fumigation Services karachi

What We should do when we have pest infestation?

There are many companies who offer fumigation services for all pests but that is not the right way as one fit for all solution does not work effectively. When you have infestation, make sure to specifically identify the pest with the help of professional fumigation company. After identification, the pest control professionals need to disrupt the life cycle of the pest d. There are pests which can be elimination with single treatment, while certain pests require multiple phases for complete elimination of their colonies. If not done so, the next generation of pests will be ready to take over. What I should do to make sure the fumigation company is professional or they are just seasonal birds.

There are many fumigation companies in Karachi who are not professional, they just use their equipment in season and make customers suffer, but make sure you have proper knowledge about problem and your pest control partner must have enough knowledge to satisfy you. Following are most important pointers to evaluate your pest control service provider.

1. Are they registered with Any National or International Pest Control Authority/Association?
2. Are they offering you solution making sense to you?
3. Do they have proper pesticide knowledge?
4. Are they equipped with safe precautions?
5. A number of pest control companies provide limited on-surface solutions ignoring the root causes.
6. Do they have professional and degree holder staff to train pest control technicians?
7. Professional companies must have separate SOPs for elimination of each pest, make sure they do have. For example they will treat cockroach infestation in a specific manner which is different from bedbugs or termites or rodents etc. They cannot offer you general fumigation services if you have cockroaches’ infestation, or bed bugs or any other problem.

How does ECO Services carried out the fumigation procedure?

ECO Services works in a systematic manner to exercise Fumigation Services. Our workforce is well trained to operate with a standardized procedure for maintaining professionalism and quality inspection of the entire premises to identify problem areas of cockroach control, lizard control, mosquito control and fleas' control.

1. Firstly spraying is done through pumps to reach each hidden corner.
2. Cold fogger is used to produce a fine mist of medicine with residual effect spreading across your vicinity.
3. The fumes stick on the walls for future controlling of flying or crawling pests. We make sure every inch of the area gets completely pest free along with the false ceilings. Our team of workers is thoroughly familiar with application procedures, safety equipment, first aid treatment and disposal procedures.
4. The application of fumigants is limited to areas, spaces, items or commodities that can be tightly enclosed.

What I should do to maintain pest free environment.

Chemical treatment greatly reduces pest load but extra effort is required to maintain pest control through good sanitation practice as the space will become immune to chemicals at one point of time and pests may return.