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Fumigation Services

Why Choose ECO Services as Fumigation Services Partner in Karachi and Lahore?

ECO Services is one of the recognized Fumigation Services in Karachi and Lahore. Best Fumigation Practices involve a preventive approach and eradication approach of pests.

As part of preventive approach, our technician sprays pesticides to kill developing insects like cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, mosquitoes etc. But in the second case of pest infestation, there will be a requirement to treat each pest with effective medicines according to their life style and life cycle.?

The more a pest problem is delayed to get addressed, the harder it becomes to resolve. ECO Services advises to utilize fumigation services for controlling pests in the early stages before it becomes a full blown infestation and the damage to property also becomes a burden on pocket.

Are Regular Fumigation Services in Karachi important for homes or offices too?

Fumigation is the requirement of all facilities like offices, homes, warehouse, industries, restaurants etc. Pest Control spray keeps your area protected from unwanted pests. These pests spread quickly and become harmful, they come from dirty areas like drains and garbage deposits and contain germs and bacteria, which eventually cause sickness and diseases like asthma, allergies, malaria, dengue and gastro infections.

We can only maintain sanitation of workspaces to a certain extent, there are still uncontrollable factors contributing to pest production. Therefore a cyclic fumigation service on quarterly basis is generally recommended to corporate offices and commercial buildings. Regular fumigation lessens the dependency on physical measures for pest control. ECO Services holds the authenticity of pesticide brands recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

For fumigation services in Karachi for commercial/corporate vicinity, you should ensure that Vendor must have sufficient knowledge to understand the specific needs and should have effective solution for your facility. Each facility has different problems and dynamics, make sure to avoid one solution fits for all approach. A good vendor always offer you customized solution to the current problem or possible future problems.

Fumigation Services in Karachi requires Professional Recommendation Plan

Environment in Karachi is polluted: there is dust, dirty drains, and lack of knowledge about sanitation. In this scenario regular fumigation services in Karachi keep you protected from any kind of general pest spread, especially cockroaches, spiders, lizards and flying insects etc.

Karachi is one of the largest city, facilitating the population with the largest variety of food facilities, shops of consumable items and health care items, pharmaceuticals etc. As per our professional estimation, all such facilities must utilize fumigation treatment at the interval of 90 days or lesser in areas more attractive for pests.

There is more caution required where consumable products are placed or produced as minor pest load can be harmful in terms of causing contamination.

Therefore, worldwide there is Integrated Pest Management based on safe monitoring control methods to manage pest load in consumer product facilities. ECO Services is strategically leading Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Services in Karachi, Lahore and all major cities of Pakistan.

We offer specialized Fumigation Services for:
  • stored goods including paper, wood, agricultural products, food items, raw material for medicines, edible and non-edible products.
  • Fumigation of shipment containers
  • Biocide treatment of cargoes
  • Treatment of agricultural commodities against insects and mites
  • General Fumigation of open and closed spaces (living spaces and workspaces of general gathering)
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    ECO Services Fumigation Services in Pakistan Champions Safety Measures

    ECO Services is one of the prime registered fumigations services providers in Pakistan to perform under strict safety guidelines for fumigation laid out by regulatory authorities.

    1. We perform Site Risk Assessment to prevent any possibility of accidents or injuries.
    2. For commodity fumigation, we provide treatment plans based on the nature of commodity (for e.g. food items cannot be fumigated).
    3. For fumigated spaces, we work on gradual ventilation to control release of fumigants and toxicity. Our medicines are generally low toxic.
    4. ECO Services works under proper documentation and reporting for transparent operations with the client.
    5. Our fumigators are professionally trained to carry out fumigation up to maximum efficacy.