Floor Polishing Services

Floor Polishing

High Quality Floor Polishing Services

ECO Services marble / tile polishing services prolong the life of your floor/slabs and gives it a new style. After a certain period of time floors get dull due to disappearing polish effects. This dullness itself starts damaging the floor due to ending protection layer. You will see more scratches on the floor. ECO Services offers two kinds of floor polishing services.

  1. Wax Polishing
  2. Liquid Coat Polish

Wax Polishing

After a certain period of time, professional floor cleaning becomes a necessity to prolong the life of your wood floors. The home remedies and do-it-yourself methods to polish the floors do not help in long term and may give a bad effect to the original texture of the floor. Professional deep cleaning and waxing retain the original texture, look of the floor, and may enhance it further. You should take care of the floor after regular intervals. When choosing a professional company to treat your floors, it is essential to choose a trustworthy and high quality.

Floor Polishing

Liquid Coat Polish (Triple Coated Protection)

Liquid polish is recommended for heavily used floor as it creates thick layer for protection and shining of floor. ECO Services uses imported and high quality products and uses triple coat protection for maximum durability. Liquid coat polishing not only gives a glow to the floor but also saves it from damages.Liquid coat polish can be applied to general usage floors in corridors, cafeterias, halls, rooms etc.