Mosquito – Dengue Control

Mosquitoes create a general nuisance in our lives on seasonal basis. The irritation from mosquito bites and risk of diseases has added to the menace of people living in Pakistan. The city of Karachi is especially affected by mosquitoes due to the garbage problem, stagnant water in neighborhoods and lack of general maintenance. The bad air brings germs, bacteria and mosquitoes into our living and workspaces. A single mosquito bite is potentially taking away people’s lives by causing them dengue or malaria on daily basis.

In such worst environmental conditions, we can easily do our bit by exterminating mosquitoes in our homes and neighborhoods. ECO Services extends professional fumigation standards with the use of authentic safe medicines with no negative impact on human health and environment. Our medicines only remove the pests without harming any other living or non-living object/human.

Chemical control is advisable in controlling large mosquito populations. Chemicals easily kill mosquito larvae or adult mosquitoes. The use of insecticides is recommended in emergency situations during dengue epidemics or when there is evidence that an epidemic is emerging.

Major residential areas in Karachi and Lahore suffer from dengue/malaria epidemic. ECO Services also works in maintaining mosquito control zone throughout Pakistan in effective collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to ensure a healthy living space for people.

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