Effective & Reliable Bed Bugs Control Services - ECO Services

Effective & Reliable Bed Bugs Control Services - ECO Services

Bed Bugs are declared as public health pests. Home based remedies have not proven to be successful in bed bugs treatment, it is important to hire a professional expertise to overcome the problem. ECO Services offers bed bugs control solution which utilizes pesticides and non-chemical methods to completely eliminate the problem. Bed bugs can hide in unusual places like cracks, under carpets or behind loose wallpaper and the most common of all are mattresses, couches, push chairs, cubicle dividers etc. They commonly infest offices, stores, hotels, gyms and countless other spaces including homes. In particular, organizations with sophisticated structures and work environment cannot afford bed bugs hazard or apply local remedies. There is a need for diligent professional bed bugs treatment through accredited medicines and skilled workforce who hold the knowledge to wipe off the menace from even the most difficult and hidden corners. ECO Services’ team can be easily called to carry out bed bugs control at your vicinity.


A close inspection is provided to identify major concern areas and the extent of the bed bugs problem. The vicinity is first sealed to stop the entrance or production of oxygen. The medicine is sprayed through pumps to protect the spreading of bed bugs. Gas is applied at different points. The gas then spreads across the entire vicinity and the seal enables the bedbugs to inhale the toxic gases resulting in their instant extermination. The main entrance of the premise is sealed too after the application of gases.


Considering the safety of our workforce and to provide you with effective results, we follow some strict precautions. Proper safety equipment including masks is provided to our workforce. In order to protect the client we provide safety equipment to the customer’s representative too. The area is properly sealed to protect the gases from coming out. The medicine does not pose any threat to the surrounding humans and environment.

Warranty Period

ECO Services offers 90 day guarantee period. During the guarantee period all complaints are treated free of charge. Note: Bed Bugs are the most annoying intrusion in homes and offices, biting and spreading diseases all the way.

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