Plot C-6, Block 5, Gulshan e Iqbal,Karachi, Pakistan
Plot C-6, Block 5, Gulshan e Iqbal,Karachi, Pakistan
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Bed Bugs Treatment Services

Bed Bugs Control Service
Bed Bugs Control Service

Trusted Name in Bed Bugs Treatment in Karachi and Lahore

ECO Services is considered one of the best and professional bed bugs control service provider in Karachi and Lahore. ECO Services identifies the bed bugs problem in houses or office spaces based on a careful inspection and the needs and concerns of the client. Multiple stages of a bed bug life cycle are evidence of an active infestation, but sometimes are difficult to observe in low-level infestations. Firstly unhatched and alive bed bug eggs are evidence of an active bed bug infestation. Secondly, bed bug left out skins, bed bug fecal staining on sheets and easy to observe floors indicate that their harboring somewhere nearby corners. If visual evidence is not sufficient we also take client’s reporting of bites or skin reactions. In large buildings or houses, getting proper reporting from the client helps us to map out the intensity of bed bugs infestation.

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Bed bugs commonly spread from infested areas into new locations by moving from room to room, through pipe runs and wall voids, along electrical wires, and through other connections between rooms. In apartments, condominiums, hotels, and other multi-unit buildings, when a unit is discovered to have bed bugs, the surrounding units should be included in the service or inspection area.

Guaranteed Bed Bugs Fumigation in Karachi

ECO Services combines several techniques of Integrated Pest Management to control bed bugs for achieving long term solutions. We educate our clients regarding harmful hygiene practices which encourage bed bugs production. Along with pesticide application we advise structural repairs in the building if needed. If any property damages are contributing to bedbugs infestation, we advise to seal those cracks and crevices, and correcting of structural deficiencies. Home residents should reduce clutter and a regular laundering of clothing and bed sheets is required for effective bedbugs controlling.ECO Services uses certified pesticides for immediate relief from bed bugs. The medicine is sprayed into most difficult corners and cracks to reach the egg colonies of bed bugs and eradicate them.

Bed Bugs Control Service

What do you need to know about Eco Services' bed bugs heat treatment?

Eco Services has deployed its expertise of bed bugs heat treatment in Karachi and Lahore. ECO Services' Pest control technicians come to your place with the required equipment and knowledge of procedure. The rooms are sealed and equipment is well positioned to supply heat to the entire room. The air temperature of the room is raised typically up to 50-60 degrees Celcius. Bed bugs and their eggs die within an hour or two at this maintained temperature.

The temperature is constantly monitored with an electronic sensor to ensure that the heat has uniformly dispersed and is maintained throughout the room. It is important to note that there may be certain cold spots in the room which are either covered by furniture or structurally hidden. The temperature of such spaces is important to be noted for effective heat supply. This is how bed bugs and their eggs hidden in mattresses, crevices and cracks are not able to sustain in high temperature and complete riddance is achieved. The procedure can be repeated after few days depending on the severity of bed bugs infestation..

ECO Services has proved to be one of the best bed bugs control service provider in Pakistan by completely eliminating worst bed bugs infestations, saving the clients from leaving their houses just because of bed bugs. Testimonials from our satisfied clients keep pouring in one after another. Each area of Karachi and Lahore carries its own pest issues, areas like DHA Karachi are mostly affected due to the moisture and cold providing breeding nests to pests. Utilize our professional knowledge to apply appropriate bed bugs control solutions in Karachi and Lahore for complete riddance from bed bugs.