Effective & Reliable Bed Bugs Control Services - ECO Services

Effective & Reliable Bed Bugs Control Services - ECO Services

Bedbugs are a declared public health menace!

Get a bedbug inspection in Karachi & Lahore by calling ECO Services 021-34829161-63 / 03000205326 / 03004023326 Or email us at info@ecoservices.com.pk Or reach us through Facebook (facebook.com/ecoservices.com.pk)

Nearly all tried and tested home-remedies and over-the-counter deterrents fail when it comes to the elimination of bedbugs. The pest is critical in many ways; firstly it multiplies in 100s and 1000s within few days and months that it is difficult to control the intensity of infestation through any casual methods. Secondly, the pest biology requires formal knowledge. Thirdly, it is not easily possible to detect bedbugs at an early stage and they are only detectable when the infestation has grown into thousands, where the bedbugs’ life cycle cannot be broken through home-remedies. All these reasons make it compulsory to hire professional assistance.

What do you need to know about ECO Service’s Bedbugs Control?
ECO Services offers bed bugs control solution in Karachi & Lahore with professional knowledge which utilizes pesticides to completely eliminate the problem. Bedbugs can cause a lot of nuisance as they feed on human blood. They can hide in unusual places like cracks, under carpets or behind loose wallpaper and the most common of all are mattresses, couches, push chairs, cubicle dividers etc. Bed bugs are known to spread rapidly. The infestations can be easily found in offices, stores, hotels, gyms and countless other places. ECO Services offers a customized solution of bed bugs in Lahore & Karachi through accredited medicines and skilled workforce to wipe off the menace from even the most difficult and hidden corners.

Call us to discuss the symptoms of bedbugs at: 03002024810 Service available in Karachi and Lahore

If you wish to read about the symptoms, follow below: What do bedbugs look like? Images of Adult bedbug Image of nymph bedbug
From where and what forms do bedbugs come?

Bedbugs are inactive during the day and because of their flat shape and small size, they are not easily visible to the naked eye. They are commonly detected because of their painful bites, as they hide in mattresses, bedding, furniture, carpets, clutter of boxes, under carpets or behind loose wallpaper and the most common of all are mattresses, couches, push chairs, cubicle dividers etc. They commonly infest offices, stores, hotels, gyms and countless other spaces including homes. They are largely transferred in luggage from one place to the other. It is really harmful to crush the bedbugs as the blood produces more bedbugs. The extermination can only be carried out by a professional bedbug control partner like ECO Services.

ECO Services’ specialized method of bedbugs control

Inspection: A close inspection is provided to identify major concern areas and the intensity of the bed bugs infestation.

Infested Areas Treatment: Our technician will apply specially designed medicine for bed bugs to areas where infestation is found during inspection. This method needs detailing and must be repeated twice or thrice depending on the intensity of infestation.

Power Spraying Process: This is the process which covers whole of the area, as a protective measure. This process will be carried out keeping in mind that if any alive bugs remain untouched during the treatment, they will be captured during the spraying process.

To book for bed bugs inspections call at: 03002024810 for Karachi and 03004027326 for Lahore

Safety Requirements
For most effective bedbug treatments, clients are required to do the following:

Remove all bed sheets, pillow covers from the bedding and cupboards should be emptied from clothes. Dip all clothes in water for removal of pests. It should be noted that no material of one room should be moved to another room, bed bugs will spread into that space as well (which might not have the same intensity of bed bugs). Material may include clothes, furniture or fixtures, decoration items etc. After the service, treated area should remain vacant for minimum 08 hours before use. Keep it thoroughly ventilated by keeping the windows and doors open. Before using the space kindly ensure that there is no remaining effect of the medicine. In the kitchen space, all crockery must be washed with lukewarm water before use.

What do bedbugs look like?

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