Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning

High Quality Professional Floor Cleaning Services

Floor cleaning enhances overall impression of facility either its home, office, warehouse or manufacturing facility, floors always tell the story on their own. ECO Services offers floor cleaning solutions according to the needs of industrial manufacturing units, from normal dirty floors to extra dirty ones.

Manufacturing Units Floor Cleaning

Manufacturing units surely engage in daily cleaning along with scheduled deep cleaning, but still floors need more detailing with more expertise, professional chemicals and heavy equipment. Deep cleaning cannot be performed without professional products and equipment. ECO Services ensures best possible results by using following methods.

  1. High Pressure Washing: We use extremely high pressure washer up to 5000 Psi which hits all corners of the floor. It is not possible with scrubbers to clean unreachable portions of the space and gradually there are more deposits of dirt, and structural damages bring in more bacteria and pest load in these portions.
  2. Floor Scrubbing: Scrubbing is compulsory to enhance cleaning look. In 2 nd stage we scrub floor with chemical to enhance overall floor look and improve sanitation. In this process, we use scrubbing machines, chemicals, workers to quickly clean and make it ready for processing.
Floor Cleaning

Commercial / Residential Floor Cleaning

Both, commercial and residential units, have almost same type of floor cleaning issues. ECO Services easily deals with all kinds of floor cleaning conditions. Commercial / residential floor cleaning does not require high pressure cleaning as dirt like food / oil particles are not stuck in deep corners unlike industrial units.

Commercial / residential cleaning is carried out with scrubbing machines, chemicals and manpower to bring out a new, clean and shiny look to the floors. ECO Services adds final finishing through floor polishing which enhances the overall quality of cleaning procedure and prolongs the life of the floor.

Pavers Block Cleaning

ECO Services also offers pavers block cleaning which is usually positioned in parking areas, external floors etc. The pavers block cleaning is carried out through pressure cleaning that can remove deep dirt, algae etc. and renew the look.