Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

General Cleaning Service

General cleaning includes removal of dust and accumulated trash or contamination. The dusting procedure is applied to all high (walls and cielings) and low (floors and outer surface of furniture) surfaces. Refer to following list to gain a better idea of general cleaning.

o High dusting to remove dust and cobwebs

o Dusting of all furniture (drawers are not included)

o Complete washrooms cleaning including floor

o Dusting Of kitchen cabinets from outside

o Microwave and Gas burners will be cleaned externally

o Dusting of doors and windows

o Floor Machine Brushing and Mopping

Deep Cleaning

If you opt for our deep cleaning services, the cleaning extends further from dusting of external surfaces to removal of stains and contamination on internal and external surfaces with chemical and pressure washing where needed.

o Dusting of all walls and ceiling

o Cleaning of all wall mounted and ceiling fans

o Cleaning of all lights including chandelier

o Wall stains removal** (Paint Must Be Oil Matt or Oil Paint)

o Dusting of all furniture from inside and outside (empty drawers required)

o All accessible window glasses and grills will be clean

o Heavy Curtains and Pelmet will be vacuumed to remove dust (Cleaning with chemical not included)

o Complete washrooms cleaning with chemical and pressure washing

o Sanitary fittings will be cleaned with chemical to remove water stains and rust

o Corners / edges of bathroom floors will be deep cleaned to remove dirt and fungus

o Kitchen cabinets cleaning from inside and outside (Empty cabinets and drawers required)

o Entire balcony/terrace cleaning including railings/grill fencing

o Kitchen appliances will also be cleaned from inside and outside

o Floors deep cleaned with scrubbing machines and chemicals

o Wooden Floor cleaned with dry mop

o Staircase Railing Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services


You can always opt for add-ons along with general cleaning or deep cleaning services. Refer to the following list to know about the special services which ECO Services offers.

  • Floor Polishing (Liquid or Wax)
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Wooden floor Polishing (Liquid or Wax)
  • Upholstery Cleaning (Sofa, Blinds, Curtains, Chairs etc.)

Open Area Cleaning

Apart from Internal House Cleaning, the exterior house areas need equal maintenance and attention. Therefore, ECO Services speacilaizes in maintaining high quality exterior maintenance of residential houses and commercial buildings.

o Car Porch Area Cleaning with Scrubbing Machine / Pressure Washer

o Main Door Cleaning With Pressure Washer or required method

o Stone walls cleaning with chemical and pressure washing