Snake Control

Snake Control

Professional Snake Control and Repellent Application Services in Pakistan

People usually get used to the presence of snakes in open vicinities which are closer to dense plantation. Snake bites are rare, but they do happen and can be fatal. It is never advised to ignore the presence of snakes.

Snakes are predators and their presence in your vicinity indicates it is very likely that there are other pests present as well for e.g. rodents. Therefore snakes cannot be eliminated on do-it- yourself basis and there is a need to call in pest control professionals to conduct a deep survey of your vicinity to identify the hiding spots of snakes as well as track their food sources (in the form of other pests). If other pests are controlled, snakes eventually move away on their own.

How to Identify the Presence of Snakes?

Snakes are generally not visible as they prefer to hide, but there can be multiple signs of snakes' presence in your vicinity. You need to approach them with caution. Snakes are generally hiding in heavy vegetation (plantation), under porches, piles of rocks, holes or stacked up material in godowns.

  1. If snakes are present in your vicinity, you may easily find their shed skin which they leave behind. Snakes shed their skins several times a year, so it is one of the easiest way to identify their presence.
  2. You may also easily find twisty trails of snakes' movement if the surrounding area is sandy or dusty. If they slither around, they leave their trails behind on sand or dust.

How ECO Service tackle snake problem?

ECO Services has vast experience of providing Snake Control Services in Karachi and Lahore. Like any other living being, snakes require food, shelter and environment. All these three factors become helpful in identifying and controlling snakes. On eliminating favoourable food and shelter conditions for the snakes, they naturally leave the area.

But in some areas it is not easy to identify snakes residing spaces as there is no regular sight evidence. In such scenarios, ECO Services takes necessary action through snake repellent or snake baiting mechanism.

On the basis of snake infestation intensity we modify our line of action. For high infestation, we use baiting with poison. We apply snake repellent on areas where snake is most likely to crawl for entry. This is also called snake proofing (to avoid snake entry inside facility). There are more ways for snake proofing like traps placement to eliminate and monitor snake activity.

We also work on the physical space by eliminating their hiding points and food sources, which makes them disinterested in the facility. But in some areas all these methods simply fail due to open fields and the strategy of controlling entry points or hiding points cannot be applied. In such cases, we only protect sensitive areas having human movement, production/manufacturing sites/ storage areas etc. This protection is done through snake repellent application which works as a barrier. The repellent action do not let the snakes cross the limits of protected area because of its smell. Repellent smell disturbs the nervous system of snakes. Snakes may also get killed by repellents if they persistently enter a repellent applied area.

Snake Control

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Our inspection and treatment is thorough, but more importantly, safe for your family or your commercial needs. ECO Services develops a wholesome plan for snake control. The plan is advised after thorough evaluation of the vicinity. Snake control is an integral component of ECO Services' Integrated Pest Management Program, therefore it includes implementing physical, mechanical and chemical control on an on-going basis to keep the vicinity free from reptiles (pests) in long term.

Getting rid of snakes by controlling their natural habitat

In order to avoid snakes or get rid of snakes, you need to remove their natural habitats. Read below:

  • Do not let heavy plantation or grass to grow in your surroundings, as snakes always prefer to hide in dense plantation or tall grass.
  • Keep proper fencing around water bodies (ponds or lakes) so that swimming snakes cannot enter the area.
  • Fill in holes where they might like to hide.
  • Remove rock piles and other hiding spaces.
  • Places of storage need to be check upon regularly, so that snakes do not make homes in stores or godowns.