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General Fumigation

The team of ECO Services is equipped with the professional knowledge of “Safe Fumigation Medicines” and qualifies as one of the trusted General Fumigation services provider in Karachi and Lahore. Our workforce is well trained to operate with a standardized procedure for maintaining professionalism and quality inspection of the entire premises to identify major problem areas such as cockroach control, lizard control, mosquito control and flies control. ECO Services follows a strict safety policy which protects not only human health but the environment too.

Termite Proofing

Call ECO Services to exterminate the termites at your premises, you may surely hire the most reliable termite control services in Karachi. Termites are known worldwide for their destructive behaviors. These pests consume wood and cellulose extremely fast and pose a common problem to industries, corporate organizations and residential spaces. Do not let the hazardous termites damage your property and environment.

Rodent Control

ECO Services specializes in eradicating the menace of rodents in sophisticated organizations and also in residential units. Rodent control in Karachi or Lahore is not an easy job due to the climatic conditions and non-regulated open building structures. Therefore, it needs professional handling in order to achieve effective results along with safety of property and humans. ECO Services has established itself as a trusted Rodent Control service provider in Karachi and Lahore for our clients.

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed Bugs are declared as public health pests. Home based remedies have not proven to be successful in bed bugs treatment, it is important to hire a professional expertise to overcome the problem. ECO Services offers a customized solution for your bed bugs issue and rid you off this menace. In particular, organizations with sophisticated structures and work environment cannot afford bed bugs hazard or apply local remedies. There is a need for diligent professional bed bugs treatment through accredited medicines and skilled workforce who hold the knowledge to wipe off the menace from even the most difficult and hidden corners. ECO Services’ team can be easily called to carry out bed bugs control at your vicinity.

Specialized Cockroaches Control

Majorly our kitchens commonly suffer from American and German cockroaches, and the cockroach infestation not only damages the kitchen but reaches to other areas of the house as well. Cockroaches are touch to control with home remedies. ECO Services holds the effective knowledge and decade long experience in eliminating pests from homes and workspaces. Our technicians devise the cockroach control strategy on the basis of pest biology and behavior. Therefore our chemical and mechanical solutions produce guaranteed cockroach control results.

Specialized Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes become a menace and public health issue on seasonal basis as well as because of the prevalent garbage condition of the city. ECO Services specializes in treating living and work spaces to eradicate mosquitoes for a longer time by creating a residual effect of medicine. Get in contact with our representatives and treat your homes and offices to turn them into mosquito free and malaria (disease) free spaces.

Flying Insects Control

All flying insects tend to create issues of hygiene and health for people of all ages. ECO Services gets you rid of house flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes and gnats. ECO Services makes sure to treat your living and work spaces with effective medicine control creating a residual effect for long term relief. Our decade old clients trust and rely ECO Services for its ‘Safe medicines’ and professional service delivery.


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