OnSpot Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Shampoo Services in Karachi and Lahore

OnSpot Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Shampoo Services in Karachi and Lahore

ECO Services provides the best standards of Carpet Cleaning services in Karachi and Lahore. Our modern methods of Carpet Shampooing remove dirt, stains, grit, sand and allergens. Our Dry Steam Cleaning system removes the deep down dirt that damages carpet fibers. Our proven methods of carpet and upholstery cleaning kill, remove or eliminate up to 93% of bacteria which flourish in carpets and upholstery. You may be used to day-to-day carpet vacuuming but that does not ensure a good health of your carpet. Professionally deep cleaning in Lahore and Karachi of your carpet every 06 months is the right choice. With our efficient carpet cleaning system, your carpet is available to be used in about few hours. ECO Services follows a step-wise carpet cleaning procedure for residential, industrial and corporate sectors:

Pre-spraying – breaks the long and hard accumulated dirt or sand

Scrubbing and Shampooing with powerful machines

Rinsing and water extraction with plain water – further wipes off stains and deep down dirt

Drying system – use of powerful vacuums to take off all moisture.

Our clients benefit from our ISO certified credibility. ECO Services uses Seal of Approval certified chemicals and equipment for on-spot carpet cleaning purpose. Our cleaning products provide protection to both carpets and human health from chemical harshness. We receive extraordinary feedback from our satisfied carpet cleaning clients from both cities of Karachi and Lahore.

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