Water Tank Cleaning Services

Water Tank Cleaning

Professional Water Tank Cleaning Services For Residential & Commercial

Clean Water Is The Basic Requirement Of Human Body And Access To Clean Water Is A Basic Human Right. Without Regular Water Tank Cleaning We Cannot Get Access To Clean Water.

Eco Services Provides Top-Notch Professional Water Tank Cleaning.

We find people generally concerned over the quality of water which we drink or use; contaminated water sources. Therefore filters of all qualities can be seen in houses and offices. But what about the water storage bodies. They are contaminated in unimaginable ways, and inspection of the small and big industrial and commercial tanks can only be done by professionals.

How To Keep Water Storage Areas Clean For Good Health.

Let's consider the first possibility where a water tank continues to receive clean water, there is no dirt or sand but still continuous water storage causes the growth of algae. Algae growth should be particularly taken care of from day 1. Use chlorine(bleach) that is readily available in markets or use chlorine tablets according to manufacturer recommendation that will protect from algae and give bacteria free water.

Now lets point out another possibility which is common in Karachi and Lahore that the source of water is not clean with presence of mud, bacteria and other contaminants, then it is recommended to maintain scheduled cleaning of your water storage tank. In areas like DHA and Clifton, there is water shortage and almost 90% of water comes from tanker services which is unprocessed and extremely muddy. In these areas scheduled water tank cleaning should be conducted monthly or quarterly basis, or depending on the water usage.

Because of the ill-maintained water supply lines in Karachi, even the water coming directly from filter plants is not safe for health. There is a mixture of contaminants from sewage lines and surrounding. As a general practice, we must avail water tank cleaning services after every six months. This applies to chlorine treated tanks too as bacteria production in our underground or overhead tanks is much speedy and need timely attention.

Water Tank Cleaning

What To Consider While Selecting Cleaning Company?

Water storage tank cleaning services are being offered by a number of people or organizations. All you have to ensure is that they have proper equipment because it is not a manual job. People who work without machinery normally get tired and ignore critical cleaning areas inside the tank. Efficient brushing machines are required to erase off the deep-bedded sand and particles.

Therefore, if your water tank size is above a 120 yard house tank, go for professional water tank cleaning services.

ECO Services' High Pressure Tank Cleaning With Chemicals

Normal cleaning solutions do not wipe off the microbes and germs completely. Because most of the dirt and bacteria stay hidden in areas at height or the edges and corners. These areas cannot be cleaned through manual methods. However, in high pressure cleaning every height is reached and every edge and corner is cleaned through high pressure flow of water. With ECO Services' high pressure water tank cleaning your valuable time and energy is saved along with less wastage of water. Our clients from Karachi and Lahore effectively utilize ECO Services' cleaning services to maintain their water resources.