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ECO Sofa And Chair Cleaning

ECO Services' upholstery cleaning in Karachi and Lahore includes sofa cleaning, chairs cleaning, and blinds cleaning (roman blind cleaning). Our residential and corporate clientele of Karachi and Lahore has a unique set of requirements for upholstery cleaning. ECO Services' specialized upholstery cleaning ensures that your expensive furniture is taken care of with fine detail to remove all possible dirt and stains. Our workforce is equipped with the required knowledge of sofa/chair cloth material and chemicals are applied accordingly. Similarly, ECO Services carries out the most efficient and hassle-free blinds cleaning. We are engaged with a large satisfied clientele of upholstery cleaning. ECO Services is most sought after for sofa cleaning and blinds cleaning for homes and offices.

Where is the need?

These days the interior of houses is a significant investment and its maintenance should be a major priority. ECO Services brings most reasonable packages and offers for sofa cleaning and blinds cleaning in Karachi and Lahore. If you utilize the cleaning services at the right time and right frequency, we enhance the overall look of your space. After all clean interior and furniture marks the real beauty of simple or luxurious living.

Similarly upholstery cleaning in office spaces is crucial for a regular maintenance. Office furniture and installations are majorly affected because of heavy and careless usage of furniture and heavy movement of people. All our contractual clients from corporate and industrial sector avail a regular freshening up of their upholstery (including sofas, chairs, blinds).

How is it done?

Our exclusive sofa shampoo and chair shampoo cleaning solutions delicately rinse the fiber without leaving any residues of the chemical or dirt, bringing out a refreshing smell and look of the furniture. ECO Services applies its exclusive upholstery cleaning solutions to the fabric to loosen embedded dirt. It is rinsed with the help of machine to bring out all the dust and dirt. All moisture is sucked out of the furniture with efficient vacuum machines, making the furniture ready to be used in few hours. ECO Services enhances your furniture by extending its life through easy maintenance.

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