Rats Control | Mouse Killing Services in Karachi & Lahore - ECO Services

Rats Control | Mouse Killing Services in Karachi & Lahore - ECO Services

ECO Services specializes in eradicating the menace of rodents in sophisticated organizations and also in residential units. Rodent control in Karachi and Lahore is not an easy job due to the climatic conditions and non-regulated open building structures. ECO Services not just randomly kills rodents but offers a complete rodent control program through:

Monitoring – Inspection of complete rodent infestation, Identifying conditions of the external building with respect to open entry points for rodents; suggestions for improvement such as repairs to structures or further action required etc.

Sanitation – ECO Services proposes complete cleanliness of the area for controlling the production of rodents.

Proofing – ECO Services extends complete rodent proof spaces with Ultrasonic devices and other methods (depending on the particular requirement). ECO Services offers Rodent Control devices with Ultrasonic waves at places where ordinary controlling methods cannot be applied. ECO Services has established itself as a trusted Rodent Control service provider in Karachi and Lahore for our clients.


Controlling rodents can become a challenge specifically at food production sites or places linked to any kind of food spot. ECO Services accepts this challenge and have proven to give effective results. The entire vicinity is assessed and monitored to identify possible access points, food sources and residing points. Once the area is monitored, bait stations are then placed at the evaluated points throughout the premises. These bait stations are regularly monitored by the deployed workers.


Baits are placed at points with minimum human contact and with highest chances of rodent eating and digesting the medicine resulting in effective rats controlling. The de-rating medicine used is proven for 90% results of rodents getting killed outside the vicinity as it does not result in immediate death. The rodent after eating the medicine runs toward open air because of choking and losing sight, thus resulting in their death outside the premises. In this way your vicinity stays protected from dead bodies rotting within them. Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent is unique technology. It generates sound at certain frequency which affects rodents’ brain as the sound is not tolerable for them. It keeps rodents away from the vicinity. Ultrasonic devices are much effective for Data Centers.

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