Giving Long Life To Your Houses By Keeping Them Pest Free

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Giving Long Life To Your Houses By Keeping Them Pest Free

Karachi has remained home to a diverse class of people who have been investing in maintaining particular lifestyle standards in terms of their houses. This is the reason why neighbourhoods like Saddar, Nazimabad, Bahadurabad, Gulshan, PECHS, Clifton or Defence of Old Karachi have held a legacy of their own to carry that taste. These decades old houses have had the most resilient infrastructure with high quality wood work, strong walls and ceilings, beautiful glasswork, and intelligent focus on ventilation adding to the aesthetic needs and health of their residents.

It has been interesting to observe the growth of Karachi city in terms of people pouring in from all parts of Pakistan, to reside here, work or study here and indeed to add to the cultural diversity to the city. There is a freedom in the air of the city, which sadly could not be felt a few years ago.

Each neighbourhood of Karachi is becoming interesting each passing day. Residents are sharing modern apartment style living or independent housing units within or outside gated communities, both of which are mapping the current lifestyle of middle and upper middle class of the city.

We can easily witness the amount of investment on the exteriors and interiors of Karachi's residential units, which easily indicates the rising level of exposure and knowledge. There is a rising sense of maintaining cleanliness, preserving wooden structures and building resilient structures to provide lasting homes to our future generations.

We have talked to Mrs. Shams Bukhari from Karachi to gain a perspective on her preferences to preserve her grandfather's house with effective termite proofing giving lasting life to the beautiful wooden furniture and fittings.

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