Alert: While You Enjoy The Winters, The Pests Are Healthier Too!

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Alert: While You Enjoy The Winters, The Pests Are Healthier Too!

With winter taking over the Karachiites, there is much relaxation and peace in the air. People are meeting more around coffee tables and preferring comfy surroundings. Unfortunately, the dropping temperatures are equally inviting for pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches and termites. This post is not intended to make the winters hard for you, but just an assurance that ECO Services is there to make it more easy for you. Let us do the job, make your homes and offices pest-free, while you enjoy the winters.

Each neighbourhood of Karachi is becoming interesting each passing day. Residents are sharing modern apartment style living or independent housing units within or outside gated communities, both of which are mapping the current lifestyle of middle and upper middle class of the city.

People often get surprised with the bites and itches from insects during the winters, and interestingly the surprise repeats each year. The matter of concern should be to pest-proof our homes and work spaces and do not let the cold weather provide deeper settlements to these pests.

Let's first talk about mosquitoes. They generally hibernate in extreme cold but in a moderate cold like Karachi, the female mosquitoes are more active in seeking blood source to feed and begin to develop eggs. This also indicates that mosquitoes even migrate from other extreme cold areas in Pakistan towards moderate areas like Karachi. There should be more precautions taken beforehand regarding the protection of living space and personal self. ECO Services successfully implements mosquito control zones throughout Pakistan.

Moving towards cockroaches, it indeed brings disgust and severe hygiene concerns for residents or workplace personnel to bear with cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are looking after humid indoor settings and moisture sources. This is the reason they are found more easily in kitchens and bathroom, especially during the winters. These cockroaches are not only a source of worry for the women cooking at homes, but an equal health terror for men, women and children as our basic hygiene is connected with our kitchens and toilets. You should make an appointment for our free surveys to look into your kitchen and bathroom conditions.

The cockroach gel treatment can be applied to protect your living and work spaces in advance as well as it helps in eradicating large populations of cockroaches and our residual medicines hit the eggs left behind. Protecting our homes and workspaces should be a lifestyle choice and not a one-time mess eradication plan. Therefore, it is advised to call in professionals after regular intervals for inspection and maintenance.

Then comes the wood story, be it an extravagant one in lavish wooden houses or be it basic wooden structures, wood is an integral component of our beloved houses or offices. When the winters hit, the subterranean termites dig much deeper into soil (which means more safe homes for termite production). These termites then travel inward into the constructed houses or buildings. Whereas, the drywood termite looks for dry wood for shelter during the winters (read: furniture and wooden doors or windows). In both cases, there is high-risk and damage factor.

Call up and ask for help without getting out of the couch or putting down that coffee mug.

Alert: While You Enjoy The Winters, The Pests Are Healthier Too!