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ECO Services specializes to offer the following pest control and cleaning services. You may contact our offices right now to book your appointments or acquire our service details.

Integrated Pest Management Services
ECO Services

Integrated Pest Management

ECO Services is a professional industrial associate for implementing Integrated Pest Management at Industrial Processing Units all over Pakistan. ECO Services specializes to implement IPM at food processing zones, manufacturing and packaging units and pharmaceutical plants. Our IPM implementation has become...

ECO Services

Pest Control Services

ECO Services specializes to provide you good riddance from major pest problems at your home or workplace. A diverse clientele in Karachi and Lahore benefit from ECO Services' protective plan against cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, rodents, flies and insects etc. Learn about each service's implementation...

ECO Services

Cleaning Services

ECO Services has marked its presence ranging from indoor upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning to outdoor water tank cleaning and maintenance of external building fa├žade. Be it a one-time service or a contractual client, ECO Services enters in a committed cycle to maintain your hygiene quality.

Why You should Choose Us

ECO Services has grown out to be one of the most relied upon pest control and cleaning service provider based in Karachi and Lahore. Specialized to cater the residential and corporate sector in both the cities, ECO Services effectively reaches out to offer Integrated Pest Management throughout Pakistan.

Contractual Services

ECO Services maintains long-term contractual projects of cleaning, pest control and Integrated Pest Management with the corporate and industrial sector. Our clients avail a customized cycle of services regulated by a thorough reporting and feedback mechanism.

Competitive Prices

ECO Services has proven to be a reliable partner for its clients, therefore they find the pricing reasonable and justified to the standards of service.

Customer Care

Customer Satisfaction Plan is one of the strengths of ECO Services. Our clients remain care-free with the vigilant ECO staff, reliable warranty policies and guaranteed service results.

Reliable Workforce

Our Service team is equipped with a fine set of skills and knowledge for implementing pest control and cleaning services. The workers are professionally trained to utilize the resources with best time management and personal conduct. They are completely aware of the products, services and clients' needs.

Customized Solutions

ECO Services has prioritized the requirements of the client and the circumstances of the site to customize the service and achieve best results. We do not apply single formula to get the job done, each service site is dealt with individual required attention. This include service method, machinery and workforce.

Humans and Environment

ECO Services is highly conscious in terms of adopting internationally certified medicines and methodologies to have zero impact on humans and environment. ECO Services secures its workforce with high quality safety kits. We promote 'Healthy people and environment first!'


Finally you have arrived at your Solution Stopover for all pest and cleaning related issues!
Are you done of overspending your money, time and energy on hygiene and maintenance issues?

At ECO Services, on daily basis we come across minor and major pest and cleaning problems in houses, workplaces and large manufacturing industries.

Unfortunately, due to non-guided practices, our house pests are massively treated through home remedies, which only result in more wastage of money, time and energy. Similarly the corporate or industrial sector becomes victim of unskilled and unprofessional pest control and cleaning vendors. The hazardous effects of cheap and easily available harsh chemicals in the market have given more tears to their buyers and less relief.

ECO Services is your most reliable Solution Stopover.
You must be thinking of HOW?
Let's take you on a detailed tour of ECO Services

We, at ECO Services, deal with the concept of SAFE MEDICINES for carrying out pest control and cleaning treatments. It not only involves ceritifed and authentic chemicals from 'World Health Organization (WHO)' and 'Health and Safety Executive (HSE) UK', but also involves the knowledge and expertise of chemical application.

ECO Services is an ISO certified organization, currently serving a diverse range of residential, corporate, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, health care (hospitals), and food and hospitality (restaurants and hotels) zones.

"Our commercial and industrial clients enjoy the best audits and best business growth experience."

The maintenance of corporate and industrial sector is based on Integrated Pest Management. ECO Services offers a unique combination of updated technology (digital monitoring and reporting mechanism), machinery and workforce throughout Pakistan. Our offices are located in Karachi and Lahore

Our clients of cleaning services, pest control, and fumigation services in Karachi and Lahore are satisfied based on an efficient response and feedback mechanism. ECO Services deploys an extensive research-based IPM program at industrial units; where knowledge and workforce efficiency provides an edge to our clients.

In today's modern mechanisms, knowledge-based mechanisms are crucial in implementing pest control and cleaning services.

There is technology and machinery that is more sophisticated, while a more complex situation of new pests, pollution and environment deterioration.

Thus, ECO Services maintains an evolving process of updated pest control, fumigation mechanisms and cleaning techniques. Our contractual clients are facilitated with digital reporting and action strategy.

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