General Fumigation Services in Karachi and Lahore - ECO Services

General Fumigation Services in Karachi and Lahore - ECO Services

The team of ECO Services is equipped with the professional knowledge of “Safe Fumigation Medicines” and qualifies as one of the trusted General Fumigation service providers in Karachi and Lahore. ECO Services follows all general considerations in pesticide use: The laws and regulations governing pesticide registration and application, safety, environmental effects of pesticides, pest biology and pest recognition, and product labels. General Fumigation offered by ECO Services covers all crawling and flying insects specifically lizard spray, cockroaches control and mosquito control in Lahore & Karachi.


ECO Services works in a systematic manner to exercise pest management. Our work force is well trained to operate with a standardized procedure for maintaining professionalism and quality inspection of the entire premises to identify major problem areas such as cockroach control, lizard control, mosquito control and flies control. in general fumigation Spraying is done through pumps in each hidden corner and heavily infested areas. Cold fogger is used to produce a fine mist of medicine spreading across your vicinity. This mist sticks on the walls for future controlling of flying or crawling pests. Your vicinity is then thermally fogged (smoked) to make sure every inch of the area gets completely pest free along with the false ceilings. Our team of workers is thoroughly familiar with application procedures of general fumigation, safety equipment, first aid treatment and disposal procedures. The application of fumigants is limited to areas, spaces, items or commodities that can be tightly enclosed.


ECO Services strictly pursues safety measures. Our safety policy protects not only human health but the environment too. Medicines used by ECO Services are approved by HSE (health and safety executive) and World Health Organization (WHO), therefore pose no serious threats to human health and environment.

ECO Services offer general fumigation services in Lahore & Karachi, and we recommend quarterly treatment services in controlled environment and fumigation services is also recommend for minor issue or preventive pest control practice.

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