Integrated Pest Management Services | IPM Karachi | IPM Lahore

Integrated Pest Management Services | IPM Karachi | IPM Lahore

ECO Services’ Integrated Pest Management is a science-based approach which focuses on prevention rather than reaction. The management standards bring increased scrutiny and oversight to the entire industry premises which require sanitation standards only achievable through proper pest management practices. The major two types of infestations at industrial processing units to be dealt with are:

Insects (crawling and flying)

Site Survey _ significant aspect of IPM implementation

The pest control and prevention strategy begins with site inspection in the form of internal and external vicinity surveys. On the basis of the facility survey reports, ECO Services analyses the extent of pest problem and accordingly formulates the service recommendation plan.

Insect and Wildlife Control Program
For the control of any wildlife present within or outside the vicinity, which is interrupting the facility’s operation, ECO Services applies mechanical traps, repellents, preventive nets to ward off the animals. We also recommend infrastructural improvements in order to secure the facility. This is done after consultation with the facility’s management.

Our Rodent Control Program is based on intense monitoring, quality assurance and technological interventions. As part of IPM, rodent control is implemented by taking into account the physical circumstances of the interior vicinity, exterior vicinity and the history of rodent eradication at the particular site. ECO Services is equipped with sound mechanical devices in the form of bait/glue stations, traps and technological methods to track rodent control. In a holistic manner ECO Services comes up with recommendations for the client to maintain a proactive preventive approach towards rodents.

Annual Risk Assesment
On the basis of regular reporting throughout the year plus an independent intense survey on annual basis, ECO Services generates a risk assessment report with proper categorization of the processing plant in terms of the potential problem areas internally, externally and those areas which receive shipping products. ECO Services determines the risk associated with physical structures, storage practices, manufacturing practices and activities taking place at the plants which can be a potential source of pests. The risk is identified by measuring the number of pest occurrence and reviewing the existing conditions. This Annual Risk Assessment helps the client to overcome those hindrances for maximum pest eradication.

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