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Lawn spraying to eliminates all plants pests

Most reliable pest control service provider in Karachi

ECO Services provides you good riddance from pests all over your place. We are a call away.

Advance Mosquito / dengue control services

Specialized pest control solutions for Industrial areas

ECO Services sweeps away pests from industrial units and manufacturing
areas through specialized hands-on knowledge and equipment.

ECO Services clean all kind of high rise buildings

Glass Cleaning remains prime expertise of ECO Services

Glass Cleaning of tall buildings is a sensitive job, which is efficiently performed
by our highly skilled workforce.

ECO Services on spot carpet cleaning services give your carpet spa

ECO Services provides the best standards of Carpet Cleaning

Our modern methods of Carpet Shampooing remove dirt, stains, grit, sand and allergens.

Termite are known as wood destroying pest, Call ECO Services

Termites are known worldwide for their destructive behaviors.

Call ECO Services to exterminate the termites at your premises, you may surely hire the
most reliable termite control services in Karachi.


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Professional Pest Control & Cleaning Services Provider

carpet-cleaning-leyton_origECO Services’ Carpet Cleaning System

ECO Services provides the best standards of Carpet Cleaning services in Karachi. Our modern methods of Carpet Shampooing remove dirt, stains, grit, sand and allergens. Our Dry Steam Cleaning system removes the deep down dirt that damages carpet fibers. Our proven methods of carpet and upholstery cleaning kill, remove or eliminate up to 93% of bacteria which flourish in carpets and upholstery. You may be used to day-to-day carpet vacuuming but that does not ensure a good health of your carpet. Professionally deep cleaning your carpet every 06 months is the right choice. With our efficient carpet cleaning system, your carpet is available to use in about few hours. ECO Services follows a step-wise carpet cleaning procedure for residential, industrial and corporate sectors: 1) Pre-spraying – breaks the long and hard accumulated dirt or sand 2) Scrubbing and Shampooing with powerful machines 3) Rinsing and water extraction with plain water – further wipes off stains and deep down dirt 4) Drying system – use of powerful vacuums to take off all moisture. Our clients benefit from our ISO certified credibility. ECO Services uses Seal of Approval certified chemicals and equipment for on-spot carpet cleaning purpose. Our cleaning products provide protection to both carpets and human health from chemical harshness. We receive extraordinary feedback from our satisfied carpet cleaning clients.

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glass-cleaning-pic-3Among all other major areas of Building Cleaning, Glass Cleaning remains a prime expertise of ECO Services. Professional glass cleaning services by ECO Services adds to the newness of a buildings’ exterior. Glass Cleaning of tall buildings is a sensitive job, which is efficiently performed by our highly skilled workforce. ECO Services ensures safety measures like safety uniform and kits to avoid any unfavorable situation or accident. ECO Services ensures full responsibility of workers in case of an accident. ECO Services maintains a reputed clientele in facade Cleaning Services, with a number of renowned corporate and industrial buildings in Karachi. Professional glass & elevation cleaning services by ECO Services adds to the newness of a buildings’ exterior. Glass Cleaning of tall buildings is a sensitive job, which is efficiently performed by our highly skilled workforce. ECO Services’ contractual glass cleaning clients are satisfied with the safety measures, efficiency of workers and the most customized work plan for their buildings. ECO Services recommends a suitable cleaning cycle considering client’s time and resources. ECO Services ensures full responsibility of workers in case of an accident.

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upholstery-cleaning1ECO takes care of your huge in investment in furniture décor. ECO Services specialized upholstery cleaning ensures that your expensive furniture is handled in great detail to remove all possible dirt and stains. We enhance the overall look of your space through our chair cleaning, sofa cleaning, blind cleaning and other related upholstery cleaning services.  Our exclusive sofa shampoo and chair shampoo cleaning solutions delicately rinses the fiber without leaving any residues of the chemical or dirt, bringing out a refreshing smell and look of the furniture. ECO Services applies its exclusive upholstery cleaning solutions to the fabric to loosen embedded dirt. It is rinsed with the help of machine to bring out all the dust and dirt. All moisture is sucked out of the furniture with efficient vacuum machines, making the furniture ready to be used in few hours. ECO Services enhances your furniture by extending its life and making it easier to care for.

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Water tank Cleaning is a significant area for production factories, ECO Services possesses the required expertise for massive water storage bodies of large industrial units. Our workers are equipped with safety kits and skills to enter the possibly dangerous gaseous water tanks and perform step by step cleaning, washing and sanitizing.

How much safe is your Water Tank?

Today, 80% of the diseases in the developing world are water-related. In Pakistan 800 million such diseases are reported every year, owing to contaminated drinking water, water gets contaminated in many ways-by harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites, all invisible to the naked eye. These micro-organisms find their way into water from feces. Even though municipal corporations may chlorinate water adequately, contamination occurs as the water gets distributed to individual homes, unclean water tankers, unclean overhead tanks in the buildings, contaminated taps and unhygienic may all lead to microbiological contamination.

ECO Services’ High Pressure Water Tank Cleaning

Normal cleaning solutions do not wipe off the microbes and germs completely. Because most of the dirt and bacteria are stay hidden in areas at height or the edges and corners. These areas can never be cleaned through usual tank cleaning. However, in high pressure cleaning every height is reached and every edge and corner is cleaned through the extremely high pressure flow of water. In high pressure water tank cleaning your valuable time and energy is saved where as usual cleaning consumes a lot of your time and energy along with the wastage of water. Utilize ECO Services high pressure water tank cleaning to efficiently maintain your water resources.

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get-rid-of-bed-bugs-fast-naturally-yourselfBed Bugs are declared as public health pests. Home based remedies have not proven to be successful in bed bugs treatment, it is important to hire a professional expertise to overcome the problem. ECO Services offers an integrated pest management program, which utilizes pesticides and non-chemical methods to completely eliminate the problem. Bedbugs can cause a lot of nuisance as they feed on human blood. They can hide in unusual places like cracks, under carpets or behind loose wallpaper and the most common of all are mattresses, couches, push chairs, cubicle dividers etc. Bed bugs are known to spread rapidly. They have infested offices, stores, hotels, gyms and countless other places. ECO Services offers a customized solution for your bed bugs issue and rid you off this menace. In particular, organizations with sophisticated structures and work environment cannot afford bed bugs hazard or apply local remedies. There is a need for diligent professional bed bugs treatment through accredited medicines and skilled workforce who hold the knowledge to wipe off the menace from even the most difficult and hidden corners. ECO Services’ team can be easily called to carry out bed bugs control at your vicinity.

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fumigationThe team of ECO Services is equipped with the professional knowledge of “SAFE FUMIGATION MEDICINES” and qualifies as one of the trusted General Fumigation services provider in Karachi. ECO Services follows all general considerations in pesticide use: The laws and regulations governing pesticide registration and application, safety, environmental effects of pesticides, pest biology and pest recognition, and product labels. Our team of workers is thoroughly familiar with application procedures of general fumigation, safety equipment, first aid treatment and disposal procedures. The application of fumigants is limited to areas, spaces, items or commodities that can be tightly enclosed. We provide you with a complete solution to all your crawling and flying pest related problems through general fumigation. General Fumigation offered by ECO Services covers all crawling and flying insects specifically lizard spray and cockroaches control.

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1468910198-termiteCall ECO Services to exterminate the termites at your premises, you may surely hire the most reliable termite control services in Karachi. Termites are known worldwide for their destructive behaviors. These pests consume wood and cellulose extremely fast and pose a common problem to industries, corporate organizations and residential spaces. Do not let the hazardous termites damage your property and environment. Termite proofing cannot be done through domestic remedies, but need a full professional workforce and knowledge to eradicate the problem from the root. Termites are not a seasonal problem, but they can pose a threat to your premises at any time of the year. ECO Services rids your business or home of termites that can damage your property through its efficient termite treatment. Contact ECO Services’ team now to have a free site inspection. Get the termites wipe off in a safe and cost effective manner. We strive to offer the most convenient services for our customers, most flexible and customized to suite your requirements. We are quick, responsive, and the best in the business to ensure effective results!

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360_ocd_mice_0426ECO Services specializes in eradicating the menace of rodents in sophisticated organizations and also in residential units. Rodent control in Karachi is not an easy job due to the climatic conditions and usually open building structures. It therefore needs a professional handling in order to achieve effective results under safety of property and humans. ECO Services not just randomly kills rodents but offers a complete rodent control program through, 1) Monitoring – Inspection of complete rodent infestation, Identifying conditions of the external building with respect to open entry points for rodents; suggestions for improvement such as repairs to structures or further action required etc. 2) Sanitation – ECO Services proposes complete cleanliness of the area for controlling the production of rodents. 3) Proofing – ECO Services extends complete rodent proof spaces with Ultrasonic devices and other methods (depending on the particular requirement). ECO Services offers Rodent Control devices with Ultrasonic waves at places where ordinary controlling methods cannot be applied. For more information contact ECO Services at 021-34829162-63 or email us your query. With our diligent workforce and best professional knowledge, ECO Services has established itself as a trusted Rodent Control service provider in Karachi for our clients.

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About ECO Services As an ISO 9001:2008 recognized organization, ECO Services partners the imaging and branding of a wide range of its corporate clients through maintaining the most hygienic and attractive environment at their work places. Our pest control and cleaning services are also well utilized by residential consumers. A proud member of National Pest Management Association (NPMA), ECO Services has an established recognition for its services among a diverse clientele. Mission To be the service provider of choice by understanding the needs of our valuable clients and meet their expectations in terms of time, cost and quality. Vision Respect…

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Upholstery Cleaning

I must say my sofa was dirty and i was planning to change it and i didnt know that sofas can professionally be cleaned, it get cleaned at my doorstep without any hassle and cleaning result is just fablous.

Mrs Zubair

Thanks everyone went with ECO SERVICES and definitely happy, great job, came with the hour of calling him and a lot cheaper than short highly recommended for anyone else in need, does all sorts of cleaning not just carpets....

Rana Adeel

ECO Services has been fumigating my house and business for the last 18 months. They are by far the best cleaner i have had, in my 40 years of business. From punctuality, professionalism, reliability and competitive prices I would be happy to recommend ECO Services to anyone who requires a pest control service.


"I have been utlising ECO Services for the past year and a half. I cannot speak more highly of their services, quality, integrity and reasonable prices. They have completed work at my house, office and on construction sites. I am more comfortable in providing this testimonial. Furthermore if someone wishes to gain contact with me to provide a personal account I am happy to discuss ECO Service with them"

Furqan Akram

The cleaners were consistently punctual and did a great job. I can confidently say their services are very satisfactory.


I've used ECO Services 4 times so far. I held off on giving feedback before I was sure of the quality of the service. ECO Services have a really great skills

Arfan Rana

I called ECO Services to treat my house and eliminate termites, its been an year and there is no sign of termites, their workforce was professional and well trained, I just want to say i am satisfied.

Rabia Rahim

My Carpet Looks like new.


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